1 Pledge • 7 Promises

• 21 Days

If you knew that in one minute a day, you could positively and permanently change your life, would you invest in yourself?

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    The seven promises of THE SELF EMPOWERMENT PLEDGE™ have impacted thousands of people’s lives already! For the first time ever, the course is offered to individuals online.  No one can empower you but you yourself and once you have given yourself that power, nobody can take it away from you.

    This course is packed with practical and proven strategies that will help you achieve your most important goals and with the inspiration to use them in your work and in your life.

    The PledgePower™ Course also features bonus items including multiple e-books, goal tracking journal, seven promise wristbands, and other resources to help you sustain your momentum.

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    Joe Tye, Head Values Coach


How Much Better Would Your Life Be If You:

  • Took total responsibility for your success, your happiness, and your life?
  • Never allowed low self-esteem and self-limiting beliefs to prevent you from achieving your authentic goals?
  • Had the courage to face your fears and do the things you have to do?
  • Had a more generous spirit to share your blessings with others?
  • Bounced back stronger and wiser from every setback? 
  • Saw the best in every person and every situation, and found strength through every trial?
  • Reflected faith and gratitude for all the blessings of your life in everything you did?


“I have been taken the self-empowerment pledge three times every day since 2009, and I will probably continue to take the pledge every day of my life.  It slowly changed my personal and professional life.  I’m the same guy, yet my actions and thoughts are in alignment with what I want to accomplish.  Most noticeably, my self-confidence has improved immensely, the benefits of which are too numerous to list.  I believe The Self Empowerment Pledge is better than any self-help book ever written.”

Brian Erdman

Small Changes – Big Impact

Think of a rocket ship that’s been launched toward the moon. If you alter its course by just one tiny degree as it is coming off the launch pad, it will miss the moon altogether and end up in the stars. In the same way, small changes made as a result of taking the seven simple promises of The Self Empowerment Pledge, if they are sustained over time, can have a huge impact upon your future success and happiness.

Because no one can empower you but YOU

Sparking a movement for people who are committed to living their values in their personal,
professional, family, financial, and spiritual lives.

Five or ten years from now, you will be in a much different place – professionally, personally, financially, and in many other ways – than you would have been otherwise. And that’s my guarantee, backed up by shared experiences of thousands of people who have changed their lives by taking The Pledge.

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