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    Because no one can empower you but you!

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  • What part of your life needs to be
    Fully Engaged and Empowered?


    You know it could be better...
    but you feel helpless to change it.

    You feel like it’s out of your control, and every day seems further and further from the experience of life you wish you could have. You feel like there’s nobody else in the world who can do a single thing to make your pain go away...And you’re right.

  • There’s nobody else in the world who has the power to make your life better.


  • You possess the greatest battery charger the world has ever seen, and already have the power to change anything you need to change…

    To Empower Your Life to the best version possible.

    You have all the power you need to make your life a masterpiece.

    You just need the right tools to tap into that power.

  • In this ground breaking program, you will learn how to redirect and empower your life toward the future you’ve always dreamed of.

    • Dream big dreams and set goals for what you want to accomplish and who you want to be

    • Having the courage and determination you need to achieve those goals to become that person in the face of every setback

    • Overcoming negative self talk, self-limiting beliefs, self-imposed limitations and false assumptions

    • Making a contribution, making a difference and making your corner of the world a better place

  • I have been taking the daily promises of The Self Empowerment Pledge three times a day everyday since 2009, and I will probably continue to take these promises for the rest of my life. It has changed my personal and professional life. I’m the same guy, yet my actions and thoughts are in alignment with what I want to accomplish. Most noticeably, my self-confidence has improved immensely, the benefits of which are too numerous to list. I believe The Self Empowerment Pledge is better than any self-help book ever written.

    Brian Erdman

  • Course Includes

    • 21 ten-minute inspiring and life changing video lessons to reclaim your inner power

    • eBook edition of Your Dreams Are Too Small

    • Wristband set – one for each day to remind you of the day’s pledge promise, shipped to your mailing address

    • Access to downloadable posters for each of the seven daily promises

    • 2 motivational audio tracks for The Janitor in Your Attic

    • “One of the best books I’ve ever read...ranks right up there with the classics.” —Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals & The Go-Giver

  • Because no one can empower you but YOU

    A year from now, you will be in a much different place – professionally, personally, financially, spiritually and in many other ways – than you would have been otherwise. And that’s my guarantee, backed up by shared experiences of thousands of people who have changed their lives by taking The Self Empowerment Pledge.

    Learn how to harness your mind so that you can spend every waking hour creating your dream life!

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