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7 Daily Promise Posters
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The Self Empowerment Pledge
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The Janitor In Your Attic – Morning Motivation
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Lesson #1: Monday’s Promise on Responsibilitylesson1

  • Accept complete responsibility for your circumstances and outcomes
  • Stand up to YOWE (Your Own Worst Enemy)
  • Choose to be a visionary living in the future
  • Never be a victim living in the past
  • 11 essential words for personal responsibility
  • Distinguish between problems and predicaments

lesson2Lesson #2: Tuesday’s Promise on Accountability

  • Personal Accountability is the antidote to entitlement and learned helplessness
  • Personal accountability has an inner and outer dimension
  • The Accountability Pyramid: Hierarchical, Cultural, Personal
  • 6 Steps to enhance self esteem
  • The most important speech you ever give 

lesson3_sm2Lesson #3: Wednesday’s Promise on Determination

  • The secret ingredient behind every great achievement
  • The three times when determination is most important
  • Practicing Contrarian Toughness
  • 4 things you can do to be more determined
  • 5 ways that you can make fear your allay


Lesson #4: Thursday’s Promise on Contribution

  • Contribution is both charity and service
  • Contribution is caring in action
  • How contribution carves character
  • 4 actions to lay the foundation for your legacy
  • The difference between having fun and being happy
  • The universal law of service and success

lesson5Lesson #5: Friday’s Promise on Resilience

  • The 4 benefits of a commitment to resilience
  • Why rejection is the Red Badge of Courage
  • Why failure is the Medal of Honor
  • Introduction to Prosilence
  • 4 ways to handle brick walls
  • The Never Fear, Never Quit Formula for courage and perseverance
  • What to do when one door closes

lesson6Lesson #6: Saturday’s Promise on Perseverance

  • Why your perspective of today is the platform for your future
  • Cognitive and emotional requirements for a positive perspective
  • How perspective shapes attitudes, choices, relationships, and career
  • The importance of reference group selectivity
  • Two questions that can radically shift your perspective

lesson7Lesson #7: Sunday’s Promise on Faith

  • Faith is bigger than religious ritual or dogma
  • The 4 Pillars of Faith
  • Faith is the marriage of fidelity and trust
  • How to be a Dionarap
  • Why it’s most important when its hardest to do
  • Coping with challenges that have no solution


lesson8Lesson #8: Monday’s Promise on Responsibility

  • Being responsible for and being responsible to
  • The difference between constructive responsibility and destructive guilt
  • 3 key factors that have shaped you – and the one you can control
  • Transforming hope into constructive optimism
  • Get rid of these 5 Loser Attitudes
  • Building upon the 4 levels of The Pyramid of Self-Belief
  • 2 Things you must absolutely believe about yourself

lesson9Lesson #9: Tuesday’s Promise on Accountability

  • Using the DDQ™ (Direction Deflection Question)
  • Defining the multiple dimensions of your best self
  • Enhancing awareness of divergence from best self
  • Practical disciples for altering behavior
  • Using the DDQ to confront YOWE
  • Being accountable to future generations

lesson10Lesson #10: Wednesday’s Promise on Determination

  • Getting from Nowhere to Now Here
  • Fear is a reaction; courage is a decision
  • The Difference between courageous and crazy
  • 10 action steps to make fear work for you
  • Sparking the energy for courageous actions

lesson11Lesson #11: Thursday’s Promise on Contribution

  • Lessons from Johnny Appleseed and King Midas
  • Avoiding the 7 success traps
  • 4 commitments for a great life
  • Finding your sweet spot
  • The Passion-Performance Matrix
  • Do you have a job or is it a calling?

lesson12Lesson #12: Friday’s Promise on Resilience

  • Resilience is growing stronger, not just bouncing back
  • 10 laws of adversity
  • 9 Questions (and 32 sub-questions) to help you make the most of adversity
  • What to do when one door closes
  • You cannot undrop a dropped ice cream cone

lesson13Lesson #13: Saturday’s Promise on Perseverance

  • How to remember a better past
  • 3 cognitive distractions caused by high anxiety
  • The 3 O’s of a positive perspective
  • Avoid self-sabotaging metaphors
  • 2 rules for when (and when not) to watch the news
  • Never reject yourself on behalf of someone else

lesson14Lesson #14: Sunday’s Promise on Faith

  • Two central tenets of every major spiritual tradition
  • The health and happiness benefits of gratitude
  • 6 actions to put more gratitude in your attitude
  • A grudge is poison; forgiveness is a gift
  • Using Metaphorical Visualization™ to set aside emotional baggage


lesson15Lesson #15: Monday’s Promise on Responsibility

  • 2 mortal enemies of personal responsibility
  • Fear is the root of all procrastination
  • Debt is the financial equivalent of procrastination
  • The 8-Get-It Formula for getting things done
  • The power of ritual

lesson16Lesson #16: Tuesday’s Promise on Accountability

  • How to detect and reject negative self-talk
  • Automatic Negative Thinking is YOWE at work
  • How the primordial “no” metastasizes
  • Challenging a foe you cannot see
  • Creating The Janitor in Your Attire™ to erase and replace negative self-talk
  • How to use the bonus audio tracks on The Janitor in Your Attic

lesson17Lesson #17: Wednesday’s Promise on Determination

  • The One Big Yes requires lots of little No’s
  • 4 techniques to stay focused
  • Why you should keep 2 to-do lists
  • The importance of changing keystone habits
  • Keeping a daily youroscope
  • M=U+P formula for sustaining momentum (Urgency + Patience)

lesson18Lesson #18: Thursday’s Promise on Contribution

  • A different take on management and leadership
  • An effective antidote to anxiety and depression
  • Proactive Extravagant Generosity in Small Ways
  • Use the Nedlog Rule to take care of yourself
  • Practice being wealthy by being generous

lesson19Lesson #19: Friday’s Promise on Resilience

  • Resilience is the ultimate test of character strengths
  • The paradox of motivation
  • 8 disciplines of Prosilence
  • 4 key factors for physical stamina
  • Reframing obstacles and setbacks
  • Changing the stories you tell yourself
  • Using the EDQ (Emotional Deflection Question)

lesson20Lesson #20: Saturday’s Promise on Perseverance

  • Choice of perspective determines how you see yourself and others,
  • Choice of perspective determines the questions you ask and the answers you receive
  • Perspective of today is the platform for future reality
  • The inner and outer dimensions of perspective
  • The Be Today, See Tomorrow Formula for success and happiness
  • Interpreting coincidence to your best benefit

Lesson #21: Sunday’s Promise on Faith lesson21

  • The faith in the future pillar of Sunday’s Promise
  • Why you can remember the future more clearly and accurately than you can remember the past
  • The 10-A Formula for transforming dreams and goals into Memories of the Future
  • The interplay of vision and visualization
  • 8 words that can spark your success