PledgePower logoWelcome to the PledgePower Course!

You have now made the commitment over the next 21 days to the seven promises of The Self Empowerment Pledge.

Joe Tye will be your coach and each day will walk you through that day’s promise along with providing you the tools, strategies, and habits that will help you achieve your most important goals, and become the person you are meant to be.

Here’s How it works

Each day watch the video and then in the morning wear your wristband for that day’s promise, recite the Promise out loud while looking in the mirror, and do it as if you really mean it (even if you don’t).

Repeat the Promise again, out loud if possible, at noon, at the end of your workday, and right before you go to bed.

As you go through the day, pay attention to the ways in which you are keeping, and breaking the Promise you’ve made to yourself.

If you invest a few minutes every day reciting that day’s promise you will one day be able to look in the mirror and see the real you looking back.  It’s hard work but once you’ve given yourself that power, no one can take it away.  If you keep making these promises you begin to change your attitude and behaviors.  And as you do that you will begin to achieve better results in every dimension of your life.

Ready to get started?

Video #1 for Monday’s Promise is waiting for you.